Editorial/Manuscript Critique

As a professional writer and editor, I get a lot of requests for in-depth feedback on work sent either to me or to Anomaly Literary Journal. Due to time constraints, this isn’t always possible as the vast amount of submissions we receive are far too numerous to possibly allow us the time to comply.

While we do offer small pieces of feedback to some submissions, whether they are rejected or accepted, more and more I’ve been asked to do so for a fee. I can’t do that haphazardly on an unofficial basis all the time so the best thing to do is to set aside time to do this for writers who may be interested on an on-going basis.

A lot of authors and editors offer this but often for near-prohibitive fees. Especially with Anomaly Literary Journal, I’ve worked hard to ensure it’s a magazine whose staff and editors are seen as approachable and accessible, so for me, I wouldn’t feel comfortable providing personalised feedback or evaluation and constructive criticism for a large fee.

I think feedback of that nature ought to be accessible to as many writers as possible and with a book coming out, I’ll need to start filing tax returns either way, so this can just be another element of that process. The reason I’d set a fee for it is that the magazine takes up such an enormous part of my free time and my day to day career takes up the majority. Providing feedback on top of that takes another chunk, so it’s a small price for my time. The tax man will take a cut and I can put the rest into covering the fees that running Anomaly Literary Journal costs on a monthly basis and help keep it free and accessible to all writers and readers out there. Bearing in mind, I’m doing this privately but the resources accrued from this will go back into producing Anomaly Literary Journal and covering the not insignificant costs of running the magazine, our Submittable account, etc.

To that end, if you have a stack of poems, or you’re working on a poetry manuscript and you think you’d benefit from an impartial, objective eye, I’m more than happy to evaluate it, offer some constructive criticism, advice and encouragement. I don’t think it should be an extortionate rate for this kind of advice so if you’re interested, the rate is a flat fee of £20 or $25 USD. Normally, most editors or writers who do this privately are closer to $100 but I don’t think that’s accessible to most writers.

I will aim to turn that around, depending on waiting lists, within 1 to 2 weeks. Refunds are not negotiable, as I can’t get that time spent evaluating your work back.

If you’re interested you can email me at manuscriptadvice@gmail.com